Actualize CrossFit

Strength and Conditioning Facility, @actualizecrossfit

*Full on disclaimer* This is my other baby, and a company that I am a part shareholder at.

I absolutely enjoy putting things up on this site because the subject and the subjects are EXCITING! It helps to also have an amazing media team to take the photos and videos that make the site ever so vibrant. Fun fact:  This was the FIRST website I worked on, and also my first project when I came on board the Actualize CrossFit Management team. My friend calls it "the virtual storefront", and that's how I see this website and everything else I've built so far^^

I manage: the website & socials


Thrive Healthcare

Home Rehabilitation for the Community, @thrivehealthcaresg

Funny thing with Thrive, it started off as an innocent conversation and question which led to me taking on the design of the website (which eventually saw my jurisdiction quickly creeping into its social media space). I am learning a ton from managing the marketing for a healthcare business. Markedly different from that in the fitness and product space, consumers of healthcare are more concerned about the overall validity of the ​service provider, and follow a referral structure rather than being swayed by what they see on social media. The message needs to come from professionals, and not cyber space. Learning a ton as I continue to manage the marketing strategy here.

I manage: the website & socials


HomeMedi Solutions

Medical Equipment Supplier

I had abit of fun with this. Whilst the project was simple, i.e. create a website to list home medical devices for sale, the conversations with the owners led to me learning more about the industry, and their concerns in trying to enter cyberspace. There is alot of growth potential for them, but as a smaller company, it is able to offer bespoke solutions to its clients and make measured steps to improve its operations.



Facial and Beauty Service, @medibeautesg

Something new I dived into as a favour, but also with much fear and trepidation as I have seen how the beauty space has been disrupted by the likes of Fave and just a billion other competitors. Rather than looking at this from the angle of a website designer, I have the vantage point that allows me to see potential gaps that can be filled, and perhaps bring in the knowledge I've learned from the other industries into making this company different in the highly saturated space that it is in.


Val Technik

Engineering Products and Solutions

This was a toughie, but the end result was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself! I never thought I'd do up a website to this degree of complexity, much less an engineering one! The learning curve was particularly steep for this project, but extremely rewarding! Incidentally, this was also a quarantine period project!

Completed: July 2020


Go for Your Mountain

Annual event to raise awareness that seniors can conquer their dreams

Quite a special project this! As it was pitched to me from an organization that believed in the power of the senior population, often forgotten by society. They looked at climbing a physical hill as a symbolic representation of a person conquering his or her mountain. Rather than a company website, GYM was an event website, and had a couple of campaigns leading up to it. An entirely different spin from what I was used to doing, and a shorter term commitment but it also required a lot of collateral. I did cover photos and video reviews for its youtube channel, as well as event posters and content creation for the website.

Completed: October 2019

YDL Logo-01.png

Yachts De Luxe

Custom luxury yacht design and construction

This was the very first site I was engaged to officially do for a company when I decided to leave my corporate job. I learned how important GOOD hero images (feature images) were for different companies in different industries, and slowly learned to question the integrity of each element put out on a website.

Completed: December 2018