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#20point4: Is it weird that hate that this is "My Workout"

#20point4: I hate that this is a typical "Me"

30 box jumps, 20 in. 15 clean and jerks, 65 lb. 30 box jumps, 20 in. 15 clean and jerks, 85 lb. 30 box jumps, 20 in. 10 clean and jerks, 115 lb. 30 single-leg squats 10 clean and jerks, 145 lb. 30 single-leg squats 5 clean and jerks, 175 lb. 30 single-leg squats 5 clean and jerks, 205 lb.

Time cap: 20 minutes

Probably a title that will surprise many of you. I mean who wouldn’t have wanted to have a clear spot at the top of the leaderboard for a WOD?

I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into this athlete that was only good at one thing. In this case, weightlifting. Unfortunately because of my size and strength, this was the easiest thing to be good at and I spent most of my early days in the sport focused on building this skill.

I do admit, that my heart jumped ecstatically when the workout was announced because (1) there were no muscleups, and (2) hellyeah heavy cleans! The jerks scared me a little as my overheads paled in comparison but I was happy nonetheless.

And I was unhappy that I was happy. The dichotomy explained for the reasons above (and for other I will neglect to mention).

Throughout the weekend people told me upfront or messaged me privately saying “Cass this this your jam”. or “I wanna watch you crush this workout.”

This added unintentional stress to me, but I was thankful for the vote of confidence nonetheless.

My goal? Get to the last set of lifts and get a 93kg C&J in.

The box jumps and pistols scared me. I had done the combination of boxjumps and C&J before and it wasn’t pleasant. Lifting heavy after that many boxjumps was going to be tough too.

Even though we knew that box step ups was an option, the original plan was to do half the reps as jumps and half as step ups:

30 box jumps - 15 box jumps, 15 step ups

15 C&J @ 29kg - unbroken

30 box jumps - 10 step ups, 10 box jumps, 10 step ups

15 C&J @ 38KG - unbroken

30 box jumps - 10 step ups, 5 box jumps, 15 step ups

10 C&J @ 52KG - 3/3/2/2

30 pistol squats

10 C&J @ 65KG

30 pistol squats

5 C&J @ 79KG

30 pistol squats

5 C&J @ 93KG

This later became ALL STEP UPS and the rep scheme on the C&Js pretty much followed that ^ the whole way.

The first set of step ups were fine, starting cold and setting a pace. Then I got to the C&Js, The idea was to go slow, go unbroken. With a 5 count pace: 1-clean, 2-press, 3-catch, 4- catch at thigh, 5-return to floor.

This became: 1-clean, 2-press, 3&-floor. I felt the gassiness creep up on me but that was the only pace I knew. "Rest on the stepups later Cass."

The plan went without a hitch and I ended with a good tiebreak on the last box stepups into the 52s.

Then came the pistols. Ugh. depth would be an issue. And the standards required a full extension BEFORE we could land the other foot down. I started off with 3 no reps on my left side.

Gathering my composure, I pulled up my knee sleeves and went again.

"Walk around Cass!" Alvin shouted from the benches. His laughing face pictured in the background below. I'm not sure if he was amuse at the way I squat or the fact that my judge had to follow me and squat with me as I walked.

It was kinda fun. Then YES. The heavy weights.

The 65kgs were fine. The real challenge was having the discipline to take short beaks between each lift because my that time, i was panting HARD.

The next set of pistols were much better.

Then came the 79kgs.

I doubted I could do the first one with such a big jump in weights.

Made it. Shaky.

Then, a scream. I looked up from my attempt and thought it was Mira (a 10 month old baby) but she wasn't anywhere to be seen. It was actually another member who was going on the scaled weights the same time as I was.

She would let out a bloodcurdling shriek each time she clean the weights, and another time when she jerked it. Sometimes she would also scream when she dropped the weights from overhead.

I tried to focus, But each time, the scream broke through that focus. I watched from the corner of my eye to make sure she had done the rep before I could go. Precious seconds were wasted.

I was onto rep 4 when I got up and walked towards the speakers to turn up the volume. ANYTHING to distract me from that banshee. I was this close to throwing a weight at her and asking her to shut it. I decided against that. It wouldn't be professional nor would it be worth the energy. I just had to go and deal with the distractions I had to face.


I went again. And again.

Then pistol squats. And all I could think about was the 93kg that I had to hit with the screeching dolphin. 🐬

tiebreak: 18:45.

I sat, and waited for 19:30 to try the weight. It was a single attempt timing.

19:30. big pull.

My legs wanted to catch the weights in a power position

as I had done with all the weight before but I didn't make it.

I was on the ground kneeling.

"GO AGAIN CASS." CK shouted.

19:45. Heck it. Pull, squat, stand. I made it. But i wasn't primed for the Jerk. I shook my head and dropped the bar.

20:00. Times up.

I ended the WOD happy with where I got to, but slightly regretful that I didn't make the final weight. Frustrated that I let my surroundings affect me, AGAIN. Many things had happened in those 20 minutes, and I responded as I did at that time.

Better self-management would've undoubtedly bought me better time but I'll leave that lesson for another workout.

Big hearts to the quick change crew on the weights. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

🔨: 235 reps | 97th percentile


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