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21.1 - The Wall Walk

CF Open #21point1

For time:

1 wall walk 10 double-unders 3 wall walks 30 double-unders 6 wall walks 60 double-unders 9 wall walks 90 double-unders 15 wall walks 150 double-unders 21 wall walks 210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 min.

When the workout was announced, I laughed.

OF COURSE DAVE CASTRO WOULD DO THIS. Come up with some seemingly ridiculous, yet completely genius as it was movement that everyone would be able to do.

His weird clues aside. You gotta admit, this guy is a genius.

Wall walks are commonly prescribed as a warmup, or as an accessory movement, and even this is a movement seen few and far between. I would let out an audible groan when asked to do 3 wall walks and YET this time we had to do it a grand total of 50 times!

Sylvio dropped me a message: “I was planning 12.30 on Sunday but when I saw your name I couldn't resist.”

Great. A little bit more pressure eh.

I had fun watching people attempt this workout. Figuring out the best ways to mount the wall while ensuring the standards for touching the line were met. For some it was a wall walk workout, while for others, the double under was the limiting factor.

I knew that the wall walks were going to be challenging. I am on the heavier side, and I knew the movement was bound to take a toll on my shoulders. Since I was going to attempt the workout on Sunday at 11:30AM (like I have been since the last Open), I had the opportunity to watch a few of our athletes have a go at it, and the rest of the Crossfit community attempt the workout as well. I found the warmup tips from Kelly Starret in the CrossFit Mayhem video particularly helpful.

At the call of 3-2-1… GO!

I got off to my first wall walk. It felt slow, and the movement unfamiliar. From the corner of my eye I saw Sylvio, who was in the next lane get his rep in and running to the ropes while I was only halfway up the wall. “Dang it. Am I going to slow?” But i reminded myself to focus on me, and continued with my reps.

I went at a slow and steady pace, while Sylvio was running to the wall and to his ropes at record pace. “Stay in your lane cass.” I told myself.

My shoulders started to burn on the set of 3s (round 2). “Ohhhhh 💩” I thought to myself. How can this already start to hurt?

I just kept going. Not looking at the clock, and maintaining 3-5 breaths between each rep on the wall walk (which eventually slowed to a 5-8 breaths interval).

As I went on, I learned how to be more efficient with the wall walks. 5-6 steps up, 3 steps down and drop my feet down. The 9s could’ve been faster, and I was more efficient on my 15s, tuning out and just keeping that rhythm.

The Double-Unders (DUs) though... WHOA that got spicy really fast! I thought I’d only be struggling on the set of 150 but by the 90s I was already so gassed and tripping on these reps. By the end of it I was squeezing out DUs in sets of 10s, 12s... and I didn’t realise I would let this get to me.

I ended 21.1 with 14 DUs to spare.

Post-workout I felt a little bummed because efficiency in dropping from the wall walk only started to kick in at the tail end of the set of 9s. Could I have gone faster? Probably. But would I try to squeeze in another attempt before the weekend? Probably NOT a good idea.

The day after was BAD. I had an ache in my upper body that I never had before.

I wasn’t ecstatic about my results, but definitely pleasantly surprised at how many wall walks I managed to get in. I was worried, having a track record of poor performance when handstand push-ups were prescribed in a CF Open workout.

The shift to a gymnastic-focused training paid off! Though my metcons suffered as a result (see DU performance), it’s ALRIGHT. This was a much bigger win for me.

- @casslauu

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