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#CircuitBreaker Phase 2 v2

Hey! I'm back from moping.


Watched a little bit of Kingsman yesterday and when Eggsy was crying because all his comrades had died, Merlin told him, "Remember your training. Follow Doomsday Protocol, then you can grieve." Eggsy immediately put on a straight face and got to work.

So I guess here I am, NOT grieving the fact that we were heading for a good start, only to fall off a tiny cliff.

The last few days have been somewhat of a scramble to respond to the sudden announcement by the government to shut gyms and fitness facilities down with stricter safe distancing measures in response to the growing incidences of clusters popping up in Singapore.

“We’ve done this before,” was probably the only comforting thing I could tell myself and the team at this time. I’m proud of the way that the team and the coaches responded.

Actualetes were understanding and extended help in their various ways. Those who stuck with us through the first #circuitbreaker continued to stay with us through this as well, renting equipment and signing up for our "LIIT" (lol) classes and online Zoom classes.

CNA 93.8 reached out to me for a radio interview following the initial announcements of my thoughts to the situation and what our take was on the government's call for stricter measures.

The Straits Times also covered us in an article following a delayed circular by SportSG, which was later updated to allow for low-intensity exercises to continue. While we felt like we had to constantly shoot into a moving goalpost, the team pressed on to chase it, to deliver the best value we can to the members with what we know and are able to do.

This is me renting out equipment:

TBH (read: to be honest) a part of me is kind of excited to do Zoom workouts again. After the Open, I lost abit of motivation to train. Call me sadistic but it's during times like these that make me really appreciate the privilege I have to train amongst friends, with access to equipment and a comfortable facility. It makes me want to come back... Because absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Hopefully, this "downtime" gives us some headspace to plan ahead as well. My problem is that I always find a way to fill up empty space in my life, and that keeps me so busy that I put off the boring things that nonetheless need to be dealt with. We were given that room to get our act together internally the last time, and this is another chance to tie up loose ends.

Real talk: I do want to protect this community to ensure that can all return to one that is healthy and ready for the next step. We are not backed by any investors, nor are we debt-free, and there's only so far that our bank account can take us. While we continue to search for ways to keep the box going, my fingers and toes are crossed 🤞🏻 for any aid that may come our way, and for there to be no talk of an extension to this.

Banking on the wisdom of the larger population to "just tahan abit", be socially responsible, to contain the spread.

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