• Cass Lau

Egg Drop - Korea, Busan

Obviously anything with the word “egg” in its name has got be good right?

We crossed this off our list on the third day in Busan, having stumbled across the outlet on day one.

They slice a thick brioche toast down the center and stuff scrambled eggs, bacon, and a slice of cheese into it, before buttering the outside with garlic and grilling the thing silly.

Also, the koreans like to add a slightly sweet sauce into their breads which i’m not sure i’m a fan of yet.

From the front: Garlic Bacon Cheese (₩4,200), Double Cheese Bacon (₩3,900), Avo-holic (₩4,900)

We thought that the sandwich would be more filling and hesitated to order one portion each, but it was a good decision to have our own, given that the bread is actually very light. Overall, this was a satisfying experience and the quantity was just right.

Would I go back again? Maybe. I still prefer (my memory of) Isaac Toast over this. But who knows? I may change my mind when I have it in Seoul in a few days!

a/n: written while having my roots colored in NewAble Hair Salon in Seomyeon.

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