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Like No One is Watching

Don't mean to brag. But I have the best CrossFit community.

That's a great way to start a post isn't it? Zero click-bait material sounding completely obnoxious.

But I could not be more serious.

Yeah, sure I have a stake in this organization but I CHOSE to have a stake because of how much I love and believe in it. It has brought me to where I am now, and has surrounded me with people with so much love, humility, and strength that I am learning from every day.

And every day I will fight to keep this community going.

Just as a little bit of background. I was a kid that did anything and everything. I was in the Tennis and Squash club. I competed in House Games for Basketball, Netball, and Floorball. I hated running long distances but I did it anyway because people said you’d get skinnier legs if you did.

When I was 13 I discovered Body Jam and Body Pump, which eventually led me to Hip Hop, which I would go on to do for the next 10 years of my life.

In Junior College and University (i.e. High School and College) I found a joy competing. Something I never thought I’d do since I feared disappointment for most part.

I finally gave up dance at 23 when I knew I could not go on with back pains and knee issues with demanding routines and insufficient knowledge of recovery and strengthening protocol. And while I left that behind, I owe a lot to that sport. Other than the leadership bit, which I will leave for a separate post, it gave me one important takeaway: dance like no one is watching.

Substitute that with any verb “___________ like no one is watching.”

This statement alone encompasses so much meaning. It means to do what you love free from judgement and inhibitions. Because so often we worry about what people think as we move — do they like what they see? Do I look weird in their eyes? — and in these thoughts we put invisible limitations on our abilities and we perform “within the box” (no pun intended). But when you ________ like no one is watching, you are accountable to no one but yourself. And you can reach beyond what people think you can.

And that’s exciting.

When I started CrossFit the same idea was propagated with the obvious lack of mirrors in the gym. Imagine a gym with no mirrors. Just empty paint-peeled walls staring back at you. And I am thankful for that. If I started off seeing how I looked like when I squat cleaned weights I’d be better off lifting at 50% all the time — trust me. The first time I saw a photograph of me in a squat clean I earned the label of an “earthworm”.

classic worm-face

But that is the beauty of the community that I am in. An environment with people from all walks of life, pursuing the best version of themselves, in a community that is accountable and insulated enough to provide that security to express ourselves, free from judgement.

And that’s how we should pursue what we love.

Go on, and ___________ like no one is watching.

also, this is my squad. they are THE BOMB.

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