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Why I couldn't give Thanks at Thanksgiving

With thanksgiving just passed now into the month where Christmas is celebrated, it wouldn’t be right to let that day go by without thinking about the things I am thankful for.

Speaking to Pastor Stephen of the Full Gospel Center (FGC) in Myanmar, he shared that he was thankful to be appointed to look after the children. And a few days out from the trip, I asked myself,

am I thankful to serve?

The short answer is: I am not.

Rather, the way in which I spoke and conducted myself would be interpreted by any layman as an unhappiness to serve.

My language would often turn to that of helplessness sometimes when I was asked about what responsibilities and roles I had to fulfil, or if i had time to hangout.

“Oh, I HAVE TO do this today, I HAVE TO attend to that situation.”

As much as I have a responsibility to my teens and at my workplace, it is as much a privilege as it is a duty for me to fulfil. Not everyone gets to speak truth and life to people entrusted to them. Not everyone has the opportunity to mentor people, or guide the direction and culture of an organisation.

Putting that in perspective, I saw how blessed I was to give, as a leader, and as a person of influence in my oikos.

I have somehow consistently fallen into the role of a leader, through secondary school, all through university, and later on even at work and now as an owner of the box. Being in a position of authority where I had the ability to influence shifts in the culture, brought me comfort. And as much as I would initially join clubs with the intention of taking a backseat, I would naturally sidle forward to take a leading role. So there had to be a reason.

If I was to assume that role and accept it, then I might as well enjoy the ride.

So here’s to moving forward with an attempt to reframe my speech and my mindset. Not in the sense of self-hypnosis (God-forbid). I really am thankful for the opportunities i get, otherwise I wouldn’t accept the responsibilities offered to me.

So if you ask me I thankful?

I am.

I really am:)

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