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Regaining my Sanity, #20point2: The Trudge

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

#20point2: The Trudge


4 dumbbell thrusters

6 toes-to-bars

24 double-unders

I can't quite recall how this workout went. My mind was buzzing from the 20.1 attempt and fighting off regrets of not repeating the workout and letting myself blowout despite KNOWING the pace I should go at.

This workout was meant to be cruisy. I had an expectation in my mind of the number of rounds I would be able to hit comfortably, based off a recent redo of 18.1 (AMRAP 20:

8 toes-to-bars

10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks

14-cal. row)

But these movements that would typically be something i was confident in doing became daunting for me.

Sounds like i’m over-dramatizing this experience doesn’t it? Even writing it down i’m appalled.

Anyway i was decked in 3x yellow apparel. 3 points for yellow, checked. That was one thing out of the way.

I had a familiar voice and presence as my judge and that was comforting. The strategy this week was to go really fast on the first round, then start breaking up the toes-to-bar from the second round onwards.

I went. I had to keep reminding myself to focus on the next rep, and the next. There’s a fine line between that white noise buzz of focus on the workout while being deliberately oblivious to how your body feels and the distractions around you, versus spacing out. And I had to keep myself in check on the former.

The goal was 15 rounds.

I had asked my judge to let me know when round 9 was. In retrospect I really shouldn’t have known and just kept moving.

I kept chipping away at the reps but the round wasn’t called. Was I really that far behind? Or had she neglected to let me know? I just plodded on.

Finally. “You’re on round 9 Cass.”Should I look at the damned clock?

I stole a peek in the transition to the toes to bar. 10 minutes! I was on track.

And so.... I could slow down?

And slow down I did. When awareness kicked in I allowed myself to feel the tightness in my feet, the tiredness in my core, and the heaviness in my breath on each rep. Maybe if I had not know I would’ve done more rounds. Would I?

(A/N: writing this at 1:02AM enroute to Paris from Singapore and the Air Stewardess is being waaaayyyy too sprightly for this time of the day. I reckon she needs that energy to keep herself awake too. Bravo.)

I ended 20.2 mildly happy. That I was back on track kinda. But I cant afford to ALWAYS be pulling myself back on the second workout. It has to be from week 1. Heck, ALL THE TIME. No one has time to molly-coddle me, nor my insecurities, and this is something that I must learn. Enough of regrets though. Time to move on.

The week that followed was highly eventful.

🔨: 537 reps | 89th percentile


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