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Sinchang Toast (신장토스토) - Busan, Korea

As with most of our successful food escapades, this was a last-minute decision to go to, and to hit this, we had to wake up earlier than our holiday mood would permit, to beat the crowd or we’d miss our train to Seoul.

Also, I do realise this is the second toast post for the trip. I have an affinity to anything with egg and bread so bear with me. Anyway THIS is my kind of breakfast toast.

The owner does everything at the store front. Limited seats can be found inside the narrow store, so be prepared to get a takeout in case the place is full by the time you get there!

The owner teaching us how to stir and drink the soy bean milk. It has little pieces of rice cakes inside that is similar to the chewy bits in the singaporean dessert burbur chacha (iykwm).

The three of us ordered the Special, which was their top seller any way. It had a thin omelette laden with carrot and onion bits, a slice of cheese and really good sausage between two slices of bread. Straight up, good, savory breakfast.

You could order fruit smoothies to pair with the sandwiches. This is a kiwi + banana smoothie, which he recommended, but any combination would be amazing given the produce in this town.

The soybean drink (?) was thick and almost porridge-like.

Traditional Korean Fare? I’m not so sure about that. It have off a semi Hong Kong-style vibe but everything was definitely made with care and pride. A definite must-go if you’re ever in Busan.

📍Sinchang Toast: South Korea, Busan, Jung-gu, Sinchangdong 2(i)-ga, 29-8 -ga


Opens at: 7am

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