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The Café; Coffee (T.C.C.) - Korea, Busan

I simply cannot understand why people do not make their businesses discoverable on google maps. Just within these two days I found two CrossFit boxes within the Somyeon area where my Airbnb is — and prior to the trip when I tried to plan a visit to a box in Busan, these did not show up, do they now when I key them into google maps.

We stumbled into this somewhat understated café during our walk along the Songdo Beach walkway. A predominantly white-themed café, framed by a rusty, steel exterior gave off a rather underwhelming impression from first glance. The entrance was somewhat like a garage which allowed space for three cars, but past that, the contemporary design and minimalistic class was intriguing.

We needed a place to rest our tired (and gradually ageing) feet so we ordered a Hibiscus Tea and an Earl Grey Tart to share — because that was all we could understand from the menu really. If you do read Korean, which the menu is in, find something that had grapefruit in it. The air was thick with that citrusy scent.

I would have tried more things on the menu if the calories allowed for it because everything on display looked gorgeous. But, priorities. Plus, there were just so many things we needed to eat in Korea.

I did my best to pin a location to this place. Hopefully the photo of the exterior + the dropped pin (below) will help! I recommended the location to Google, which said it was now successfully listed so I hope you can find this place if you’re ever in the Songdo area.

Tourism here has so much more room for growth if businesses decided to list their space on an international map rather than their private ones. It’s as simple as asking an English-speaking local to click a few buttons on that contraption young-uns call a smartphone.

📍The dropped pin on Google Maps reads:

The Cafe; Coffee

130 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan, South Korea


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