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X45 Pandora’s Box 2019 - Comp Prep and Thoughts

Updated: May 15, 2019

Now: writing this at 2:30AM SGT, not because I'm a creative that likes to burn the midnight oil. Today, I'm an unfortunate jet-lagged person who woke up after sleeping for less than 2 hours.

Anyway, after much headache (for reasons that I will neglect to address) I am joining a team competition with a couple of friends from another box. The guys asked me to participate in the comp with them, and after weighing out the pros and cons with my Headcoach, along with some arrangements made internally, I went with joining a mixed team.

While I do have a certain level of FOMO (fəʊˈməʊ — abbreviation for fear of missing out) with the team that my own box is sending, I must learn to make the most with this opportunity. After all, I decided to join this team for the exposure of competing with a different group of people.

I keep saying that I much prefer team competitions to individual competitions, but do I really? After all, I only joined 3 official team competitions, with another 3 being the Team Series, an annual event organised by CrossFit.com (but maybe not anymore).


  • Team Series 2016 (4 person: MMFF)


  • Team Series 2017 (2 person: MF)

  • Battle Royale (3 person: MMF)


  • Team Rumble 2018 (3 person: FFF)

  • Team Series 2018 (2 person: MF)

  • Sin City Championship 2018 (2 person: MF)

Squat Cleans at 19.2 done at SetFree CF

As I pen this, I have completed both Qualifier Workouts (QWOD1a and QWOD2). QWOD1 I did before I went on my holiday and QWOD2 a day after I landed (albiet very jet-lagged). My performance was a good kind of "meh" (mɛ — exclamation expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm), with a messy QWOD1 and a pretty decent (but ugly QWOD2).

But these two workouts were done in isolation of my teammates. And having not trained with them much before, questions about fit and synergy come to mind.

But I can only control my immediate actions and mindset based on my past experienced. So right now, the biggest question on my mind is “what is my role in the team?”

And listening to the analysis by “Talking Elite Fitness”, a fitness podcast with Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland and their analysis on CrossFit movements and competitions (born out of a mass firing by CF of their media team), they described the Mayhem Freedom Team (Rich Froning’s team) as a seamless team which shone in the field, in which everyone had their moment as a leader.

And looking at the teams I used to be a part of, and recalled how we would fail (or succeed). I realise that I tend to try to take a backseat in decision-making on the field because I do not want to come off as “bossy” in pushing my agenda. But this hesitance and “trust” that someone else would pick up the pace would often cost us a few places.

But that level of synergy would only come with training together as a team often enough for rapport to be created. It’s just fingers crossed for me now as I venture into unknown territory. Out of my element but into an exciting and great unknown. Forcing myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Update: the Leaderboard is shaking up abit but we went from 2nd to 5th (so far), probably with a few rep reviews, etc etc. so the likelihood is that we ARE going to KK together as a team.


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